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Supposed to go to client's place this and next wk, but client not ready. So tink for these 2wks, i'll be just doing some web-based learning. haha. Though this is equivalent to slacking, it can be quite boring at times and feel so rotted in de office. Have been munching Hello Panda, mentos and other snacks during office hours. haha. fat liao lah!~
Have u come across a situation in which u r wondering whether the lady beside u on a bus/mrt is pregnant or not?? If she is and u tot she isn't, she'll glare at u for not giving up ur seat to her; but if she's not when u tink she is, she'll yell at u for having mistaken her as one. hahha! Dilemma riz.
Was sitting in de bus's front seat today when i saw this lady standing in front of mi. I was tinking whether i shld give up my seat to her bcos she looks abit pregnant to mi. She wore a one-piece dress which normally a pregnant woman will wear; de dress looks loose on her; her stomach tat part seems abit protruding. But she looks abit too skinny to be a pregnant woman, and she is wearing abit of high-heel shoes. hahhaha. so in de end, i tink i shall juz continue to hav my butt on de seat.
Today lijun was telling mi tat she can't find her ruler and she lost her stapler. Was toking to her halfway when this lady approached us from behind, asking us to lend her a pencil. So i lent her my mechanical pencil..... and....... later around 3min later, lijun saw her walked past us, opened de door and went downstairs. Then lijun told mi i can say byebye to my pencil le. True enough, she nvr came back!~ hahha. n i din really remember how she looks like cos she approached us from behind mah. boohoo

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